Zebula is an upmarket residential estate developed on a Nature Reserve located at the foot of the Waterberg Mountains of Limpopo, a mere two hour drive from Johannesburg.

Zebula was developed in three stages and is today an amalgamation of three separate legal entities (collectively “Zebula”):

Phase I

Mabalingwe 12 Sectional title scheme

Phase II

Mabalingwe 13 Sectional title scheme

Phase III

Kareefontein Land Owners Association 
(Association incorporated under Section 21)

More than 200 homes and counting with 1,500 hectares of bushveld!

*We still have a few undeveloped stands on Phase III (Kareefontein) available to potential owners looking to join the Zebula family.

Perks of being a homeowner at Zebula, in addition to the abundant wildlife at your doorstep, is that you and your guests have access to the following commercial facilities owned and operated by the Zebula Country Club:

  • An 18-hole bushveld golf course and driving range. 
  • Main Clubhouse with catering and conferencing facilities.
  • Range of recreational activities including a luxury spa, gym, squash and tennis courts, game viewing safari, elephant interaction, and quad bike safari.
  • Numerous restaurants, pizzeria and bars that ensure every palette is catered for generously.
  • Various accommodation options including 20 Commercial lodges located near the Clubhouse.
  • A private airstrip located within the nature reserve..

The Controlling Bodies

Spectrum Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd acts as the property agent to fulfil the administrative and statutory obligations normally associated with the Property Managing Agent (“PMA”). 

Spectrum Consulting Services is an independent Consulting Firm, specialising in Property Management and associated aspects and holds membership of the National Association of Management Agents (NAMA).

The Controlling Bodies also employ their own PMA staff responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property and have an outsourced service level agreement with a local appropriately affiliated security company to provide dedicated security services. 

All the wildlife on Zebula is owned by the Controlling Bodies.  The auditors of the three entities are Van Sitters Registered Auditors.


to know

No owner or other party may conduct commercial or competing activities on Zebula where the Parties have agreed exclusivity without the specific consent of the Controlling Bodies and approval of Zebula Country Club, which shall not unreasonably be withheld, and Zebula Country Club shall consult with the Controlling Bodies before rescinding any approval given to any party to conduct commercial or competing activities in said circumstance. It is important to note that Site 158 (also reffered to as the “Clubhouse”) is owned and operated by Zebula Country Club (“ZCC”).

Owners are entitled to use alternative contractors for maintenance, housekeeping, laundry services and to sell/rent their homes. As long as they comply with the Conduct Rules when engaging such a contractor and, in addition, the contractor appears on the register of approved contractors that may be updated from time to time.

The Legal


  • “Controlling Bodies” means Mabalingwe 12 Body Corporate, Mabalingwe 13 Body Corporate and the directors of the Association. Each of the Controlling Bodies are legal entities that are required by law to be administered and operated for the benefit of their members as separate legal entities.
  • As such notwithstanding the appointment of one Property Managing Agent (“PMA”) to manage the affairs of the Controlling Bodies, each Controlling Body shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations relating to that Body, separate to the other.
  • “PQ” means Participation Quota and in a combined commercial and residential scheme the PQ’s for the commercial sections are normally nominated by the developer. The Sectional Titles Act allows the body corporate of a sectional scheme to nominate values, which differ to the actual PQ’s. Accordingly, by special agreement, the pro-rata share of levies and contributions as it relates to recovering of operating costs, excluding building insurance related expenditure, is based on a nominated value of 1 (one) per Owner so all Owners in Zebula contribute equally to operating costs regardless of their respective PQ.
  • Building insurance related expenditure is recovered from the Owners based on the pro-rata portion of the total building insurance premium (negotiated by the Controlling Bodies) namely, the approved replacement value of the Owners’ building relative to the total replacement value of all buildings on the Scheme(s).
  • Each Owner receives a copy of the Replacement Valuation Schedule prior to the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and this schedule is approved at each AGM. This is in accordance with the approved Conduct Rules. The primary reason for this is that the operating costs associated with the maintenance of the common property of the respective schemes bear largely the same weight and bear less correlation to the size of a Unit / Stand.  It must be emphasised that these nominated values do not replace the PQ shown on the sectional plan, but where such values exist, obligations to pay and voting rights will be calculated in accordance with these nominated values and not the PQs.
  • By agreement Zebula is governed by the JBOT (“Joint Board of Trustees”) who meet regularly throughout the year to discharge their duties and responsibilities.  Roles and responsibilities of the elected Trustees and Directors of the JBOT are governed, where applicable, by the Conduct Rules, the Sectional Title Act, the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, the Companies Act, the MOI and / or the Commercial Agreement.  Representatives from Zebula Country Club are Trustees of the JBOT so as to ensure participation and input from all stakeholders in the operations of Zebula.
  • The current Commercial Agreement can be requested by any Homeowner from the Management Team and can be downloaded from the Homeowners portal.
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